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Vagrant Story: Second Play Through

After playing War of the Lions I thought it would be a good idea to play through Vagrant Story which takes place in the same universe.  Vagrant Story, like FFT, has a complex gameplay system.  Learning how to play VS is certainly more difficult though.  There are a few hidden tutorials, battles require constant adjustments in strategy, but there is always a way to win.  It does what only games from several generations past did which is both a key strength and weakness.

It is a game that lends itself to multiple play throughs.  It has interesting but cryptic characters, the history and atmosphere of the world of Ivalice, gameplay that is rewarding to master, and a strong soundtrack (an aspect of games that has become more and more important to me.)  I would have loved to have given VS a five out of five.  I believe it captures many important ideas that other games consistently fail to include.  That is taken to the extreme though, making it more difficult than it should be to immerse yourself in it.

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