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Devil May Cry 4: First Play Through

I've been a fan of the Devil May Cry Series since the first game back in 2001 (I even, regrettably, purchased DMC2.)  The fourth entry feels like a mixed bag to me.  The game play is still solid and fun but it strikes me as "DMC2 plus" in that the level design and plot are pretty poor.  The game is artificially extended by having you replay levels with different characters and fighting the same set of bosses two (even three) times before the game ends.

The plot left much to be desired but the series protagonist, Dante, at least did not revert to his DMC2 version.  The over-the-top campiness and humor of the DMC series is well preserved.  Dante's interactions with the boss characters are the only saving grace to having to fight them so many times.  The game was fun to play in spite of its flaws but it could have been much better.  Fortunately, I only rented this but I'd consider picking it up when the price goes down.

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