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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions: First Play Through

Like with Final Fantasy VI, I had waited a long time before playing this game in its entirety.  I'm glad that I did wait since the PSP edition of the game received a new English translation.  The game is text heavy, but the story is strong.  War of the Lions is much more interesting than other entries in the Final Fantasy series that I've played.  The improved translation is very helpful.

Even with a good story, I wouldn't be able to play it for 50+ hours if it weren't a solid game too.  You must build a group of soldiers from the ground up and assign them to jobs.  This allows you to play the game any number of ways and provides a great deal of replay value.  Even after finishing the game I'm still playing it and building characters.  It definitely requires a investment to complete but the rewards were well worth it in my mind.

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