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Shadow of the Colossus, Time Attack: First Play Through

See my previous entry for my thoughts on the game's story mode.  This entry concerns time attack mode.  I'm not sure why I'm still trying to play it, because it is a very punishing experience.  You fight the game's colossi with time limits to earn special items which can be used in story mode.  However, you cannot unlock the time attack mode until you have already beaten story mode.

While fighting the colossi in story mode is fun and exciting, time attack manages to made it tedious and frustrating.  It wouldn't bother me this much if 1) The camera and controls were better.  2) The colossi behavior was more consistent.  Success largely relies on chance, and isn't possible if you have not mastered each specific battle.

This mode and its rewards aren't worth it.

See also: The final reward for beating hard time attack mode

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