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Final Fantasy VI: First Play Through

Well, third attempted play through.  I've tried twice and gave up by the lull towards the end.  No more though, I finally finished this one off.
If you have any inclination towards the RPG genre of video games, you won't go wrong with VI.  It's a model for other games with it's plot, characters, and music.  It's a truly great game that has stood the test of time well and does a lot of things that even games today don't do as well.  I would really hope that Square-Enix takes some time to reflect on what went right with VI before moving on to new entries in the Final Fantasy series.  My only complaint right now is trivial.  I just wish the pacing by the end of the game was more consistent, that's what's held me back from beating it until now.  It's not enough for me to knock a star off though.

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